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Hangzhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd

2016: "hangzhou gait electronic equipment INC., LTD."

2015 was awarded the title of BMS battery management system technology service of China international energy storage power plant. The company was appraised by zhejiang provincial science and technology department (hangzhou innovation pilot enterprise); The company has received the title of department of energy dc power supply committee. Linan production base is supported by the 2015 technical development industry special fund in linan. The company launched the new third board listing, and obtained investment institutions to favor the introduction of financial investment; The research and development team has successfully applied for seven inventions and practical patents in the field of technological innovation.

2014: won the 2nd China international energy storage power station conference excellent battery management system science and technology progress award; Won the
Zhejiang iot technology innovation service platform member unit

2013 has successfully developed a battery management and maintenance system based on two-way active equalization technology, which is applied to electric vehicles, energy storage, power supply and other fields.

2012 Energy storage lithium battery management system is successfully applied to the"Nanji Island Electric vehicle of national 863 project"

Cooperated with BAIC and Dongfeng and other automobile manufacturers about electric vehicle battery management assembly
2011 Successfully developed the electric vehicle battery management system
2010 Successfully developed the energy storage station battery management system, applied to Zhejiang micro-grid project
Successfully developed power battery simulation test system for electric vehicle, applied to the electric vehicle charging and swapping station
2009 Started R&D project of the lithium battery management system
Participated in the drafting standards of "YDB_050_2010_Technical Requirements and Testing Methods for On-line Diagnosis of VRLA Battery " and " lithium iron phosphate batteries for telecommunications"
2008 Successfully developed the battery monitoring module, it integrated the function of internal resistance monitoring and maintenance on-line
2007 Manufacturing building was opened at Ling'an Economic Development Zone
Finished the research project of the VRLA battery failure model, and obtained two patents
2006 Manufacturing building was founded at Lin'an Economic Development Zone
Successfully developed the battery internal resistance tester
Successfully developed DC breaker tester and DC power source tester
2005 Identified as a software enterprise by Economy and Information Commission of Zhejiang Province
Successfully developed the high voltage battery capacity tester for UPS battery pack
2004 Awarded AAA credit grade enterprise certificate by Hangzhou government
2003 Awarded the ISO9001:2000 certificate
2002 Successfully developed wireless battery test system earliest in China, and applied for the patent
2001 Awarded the certificate of high-tech enterprise
Successfully developed the cell maintenance instrument
Successfully developed enhanced battery capacity tester with cell monitoring function
2000 Successfully developed battery capacity tester using PTC material as load, and obtained the patent
1999 Successfully developed battery capacity tester using PTC material as load, and obtained the patent
1998 Hangzhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998.
Successfully developed the battery monitoring system earliest in China, and successfully applied in CCTV transmitting station, Daqing Oil field, etc?
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