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Methods of identifying battery discharge termination

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Methods of identifying battery discharge termination:

A?Continuous discharge reaches termination voltage;

B?The output capacity has reached the specified value, but usually only use 4/5 capacity values of provisions , but not use all;

C.Electrolyte density drops (changes with discharge rate );

D?For the battery use transparent container, also can judge discharge condition from the observation of plate color? With the deepening of the  discharge,positive plate change colour from dark brown to brown (turn pale); the negative plate by the deep gray to grayish (turn pale)? This is because that part of the active material in the positive and negative plate bacome lead sulfate when discharging ?

Correctly grasp the depth of discharge, is the key to ensure the good working performance, prolong the service life ?Therefore,the battery discharge process should be checked regularly and record its discharge voltage, current density, electrolyte and fluid temperature, analyse and determinate the depth of discharge, and timely charge?

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