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Lithium-ion Battery Management Module ESBMM-31224

Lithium-ion Battery Management Module ESBMM-31224

Function Description of Lithium-ion Battery Management Module ESBMM-31224:

Online measures voltage and temperature of each cell.

Alarm in real time, realizes over-limit alarm voltage and temperature automatically.

Site alarm .Dry contact output is closed, enabling remote computer alarms and display alarm content.

Online balance the battery pack; and charge cell on-line, and improve the battery pack consistency, delaying the super-capacitor failure

With RS485 and CAN communication interface it can be connected to on-site monitoring unit or the background monitoring systems, remote monitoring can be realized.

Modular design is easy to install, use and maintain, in addition modules are mutual isolation and high reliability.

Lithium-ion Battery Management Module ESBMM-31224

Technical parameters of Lithium-ion Battery Management Module ESBMM-31224:

Module supply voltage DC24V (18-30V)
Balanced supply voltage DC60-96V
Module supply power 6W
Balanced supply power 60W
Number of cells to be monitored 24(Single maximum support)
Voltage detection range 0?5~5?0 V(For lithium iron phosphate battery)
Voltage detection precision 0.1%FS+0.1%RD
Cell balancing current ≥2A
Current detection range 0~±2000A
Temperature measurement accuracy ±1℃
Input insulation resistance ≥10MΩ   DC500V
Communication interface RS485
RS485 baud rate 2400、4800、9600(Default)、14400、19200bps Optional
CAN2.0 communication rate 250k~1Mbps
Site display mode LED working status indication
Site alarm mode One contact output ,and be closed when failures occur
Site control mode One contact output
Cell maintenance mode Automatic or remote control(can be set)
Size and weight 400×190×42(mm)/4kg
Installation Rack and wall mounting
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