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Lead-acid Battery Management Module ESBMM-32524

Lead-acid Battery Management Module ESBMM-32524

Function Description of Lead-acid Battery Management Module ESBMM-32524:

Online measures various types of parameters automatically, such as cell voltage and internal resistance, battery pack voltage, current, temperature, and so on.

Online periodically (period can be set) test battery internal resistance automatically?

Alarm in real time, realizes over-limit alarm voltage and temperature automatically?

Site alarm ?Dry contact output is closed, enabling remote computer alarms and display alarm content?

Connecting to monitoring system or on-site acquisition unit via RS232, RS485 communication interface, and uploading data and alarm, remote monitoring battery pack can be realized.

Modular design is easy to install, use and maintain, in addition modules are mutual isolation and high reliability?

Lead-acid Battery Management Module ESBMM-32524

Technical parameters of Lead-acid Battery Management Module ESBMM-32524:

Voltage detection Voltage detection range 1?5~3?0V(For 2V battery)
Voltage detection precision 0.1%FS+0.1%RD
Voltage acquisition period 200ms
Resistance testing Resistance testing range 0.1mΩ—100mΩ
Resistance testing accuracy consistency ±(2.5%+25μΩ )
Resistance testing period 2S
Temperature measurement Temperature measurement range -40~125℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0?5℃
Temperature measurement period 1s
Current detection Current detection range 0~±2000A
Current detection precision ±1%(Shunt range)
Current detection period 2s
Voltage acquisition specifications Number of cells connected to single unit is 24 or 27
Balanced type and balanced current Balanced current is 2 amperes, bidirectional balance
Communication interface RS485×2
System supply DC48V、DC110V±15%、AC/DC220V±15%,isolation from the battery pack
Power consumption <10W
Dimensions 420×200×44(mm)
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