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Passive Balance Battery Management Module

Passive Balance Battery Management Module

Passive Balance Battery Management Module main function:

Support acquisition and judgment, alarm of cell battery voltage, temperature and other information ;

Support cell SOC/SOH calculation;

Support for thermal management;

Adopt the energy consumption balance technology, can do the discharge balance simultaneously with a number of cell battery group , and the balance energy of cell battery can be measured;

Support power supply input reverse connection, short-circuit protection ,undervoltage, over-current protection;

Support the battery connecting wire reverse connection, leek, short circuit protection, module over temperature and internal fault protection ;

Support the low power consumption mode;

Support for remote upgrade and maintenance function?

Passive Balance Battery Management Module technical parameters

Cell voltage acquisition accuracy ±(0.1%FS+0.1%RD)
Terminal voltage acquisition accuracy ±(0?2%FS+0?2%RD)
Current acquisition accuracy (Current diverter) ±(0.5%FS+0.5%RD)
Temperature acquisition accuracy ±1℃
Temperature acquisition range -40~125℃
The fastest cell voltage sampling period 200ms
Current sampling period 100 ms
Voltage balance balance ≤1.5%
SOC diagnosis accuracy excel 5%
SOH diagnosis accuracy excel 8%
Operating temperature -20~65℃
The maximum relative humidity ≤95%
Initiative balance function balance current range 160mA
Volume 12series-160*105*28.4(mm)
Weight 12series-597(g)

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