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Battery monitoring module -BMM

Battery monitoring module -BMM


Product application:

The real-time on-line monitoring and balanced maintenance of the backup battery pack for the noil UPS/HVDC power supply.

The real-time on-line monitoring and balanced maintenance of the spare battery group in the data center of the noil IDC data center.

The real-time on-line monitoring and balanced maintenance of the dc current power supply backup battery group of delta power, rail transit and railway.


The automatic monitoring monomer battery voltage/internal resistance/temperature, group terminal voltage/current, each module can monitor 20, 24, 27, 32 and 54 (bmm-b type).

The real-time alarm function of delta is implemented to realize the over-limit alarm of voltage, internal resistance, temperature and SOC. Support dry node output alarm.

The two - line automatic monitoring monomer battery voltage can be automatically identified according to the battery pack status. Real-time monitoring and display of support line resistance/connection strip pressure drop.

The internal resistance of the four - line automatic monitoring monomer batteries can be set up in the collection cycle. The classification of resistance data in different conditions is preserved.

Delta LCD display (192 x 48 dot matrix) data storage function with RS485/ RS232, USB, CAN and other interfaces.

Deltax embedded in battery performance intelligent analysis model to realize real-time diagnosis of SOC and SOH.

The automatic or manual control of the battery for the maintenance and activation of the battery can delay the failure of the battery.

Technical parameters:

Internal resistance detection accuracy: plus or minus (2.5% + 25 ∪ Ω)

Voltage detection accuracy: plus or minus 0.2%

Current detection accuracy: plus or minus 1% (current sensor range)

Temperature detection accuracy: plus or minus 0.5 ℃

SOC accuracy: plus or minus 5% (for 2V battery), plus or minus 10% (for 12V battery)

Monitoring range: single module can support 20, 24, 27, 32, 54 batteries

Interface: RS485 and communication interface include RS232 and CAN

Size (L * W * H) :19 inch 1U (436MM x 264MM x 43.7MM); 19 inch 1U (436MM x 200MM x 43.7 MM) (250MM x 120MM x 35MM)

Installation mode: rack or wall hanging (according to customer requirements)

Power input: AC/DC220V plus or minus 15%, DC110V plus or minus 15%, DC48V plus or minus 15%
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