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Intelligent battery monitoring system -DJX

Intelligent battery monitoring system -DJX


Product application:

The real-time on-line monitoring and management of noil dc power supply, UPS/HVDC power supply and battery group.

The real-time on-line monitoring and balance maintenance of the dc power backup battery group of the noil power, rail transit and railway etc.


Delta system consists of: monitor host, battery group monitor module, discharge module (optional), server (optional).

The real-time on-line monitoring of the internal resistance/voltage/temperature of the single cell, the group voltage/charge discharge current, the data collection is fast and accurate.

The static discharge (check discharge) of delta is measured in the capacity of the battery, and the parameters and curves of the discharge process are shown throughout.

The internal resistance testing process can quickly determine the internal resistance and load capacity of the direct current, determine the battery performance, and perform effective activation and maintenance of the battery to improve the reliability of the power supply system.

It supports the voltage balance maintenance function of online monomer batteries, and extends the service life of the battery through the balanced maintenance and activation of the single battery.

Many kinds of fault alarm function: internal resistance, voltage overlimit, voltage difference limit, etc., the alarm threshold is set free.

The analysis model of internal battery failure analysis (patent no. : ZL200710068081.9, ZL200710068082.3), to realize the change trend and capacity diagnosis of each cell battery.

Based on 32-bit ARM development platform, delta has high speed computing and data processing capability, embedded SqLite database, and supports the preservation of all kinds of data over a year.

Delta3 supports RS232, RS485, LAN, USB and other interfaces to support data export and remote upgrade maintenance.

Delta perfect monitoring software of the computer management and analysis, provide comprehensive processing parameters, support data analysis, query and export history, support bar charts, curves, tables, etc. Various forms of data display.

Latest features: low support IEC61850 communication function, support for other equipment information access, support communication into the detection of dc system, support the battery insulation detection function, support remote check discharge function, etc.

Technical parameters: operating system, database: Linux, SQLite 5A~50A(220V dc screen)

Discharge current: 10A~80A(110V dc). Additional: can be fixed or extended according to requirements

Internal resistance detection: + / - 2.5% (+ 25 u Ω)/acquisition cycle can be set

Voltage detection: plus or minus 0.2%

Current detection: plus or minus 1% (current sensor range)

Temperature detection: + / - 0.5 ° C

SOC accuracy: plus or minus 5% (for 2V battery), plus or minus 10% (for 12V battery)

Display: resistance touch 7 '800 x 480 TFT true color

Interface: LAN (RJ45), RS485, RS232, USB HOST, SD

Size: mainframe: 210.26 x 140.26 x 31.2mm battery group monitoring module: 483 x 252 x 44mm discharge module: 510 x 408 x 156mm

Power input: AC/DC220V plus or minus 15%, DC110V plus or minus 15%, DC48V plus or minus 15%, DC12~36V
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