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Intelligent single battery management system -SBMS

Intelligent single battery management system -SBMS


Product application:

Apply to data center, communication base station, rail transit, power substation and other backup power battery group for detection and maintenance.

Product composition:

Non-linear single-battery management module IBU/W has linear single-battery management module IBU

Battery management module BMU

Battery pack display control module BDM


It supports single voltage, internal resistance and temperature monitoring function, and the internal resistance test cycle can be set

It supports the passive equilibrium and maintenance function of single battery, and effectively activates the battery

Compatible with 2V, 6V and 12V single battery, high accuracy, low power consumption and small volume

Differential variable data storage mechanism effectively improves data transmission efficiency and channel utilization

Real-time monitoring of single information, rapid and synchronous collection, simple wiring and avoid measuring errors caused by line length

Based on the discrete characteristics of the battery pack operation data, the SOC and SOH are estimated by neural network

EMC three-level index can meet the stable operation of various complex power supply conditions

The management module and the explicit control module support the USB/RS485/RJ45 communication interface, which can be used in real-time data communication with systems such as DCIM, or control and data sharing to other intelligent devices

No linear functional features

Support 2.4G/433MHz two wireless communication methods, easy, safe and reliable

Support frequency-hopping technology, which supports more than 200 frequency points, supports up to 20,000 points and collects requirements

Set FSK/ASK/OOK/MSK modulation technology and one

Features of linear function

Support two-way s-bus single BUS communication, reliable communication

It is easy to install and maintain, easy to use and easy to use
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