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Ac direct current detection device -AMDD

Ac direct current detection device -AMDD


Product application: application to substation or power plant, dc power system ac signal into dc system real-time monitoring and alarm?


The device adopts ARM as the main control chip, with high integration level, strong anti-interference ability, fast running speed and low power consumption;

All parameters can be set through the battery detection device (DJX) operation interface.

All alarms are exported through the sound and dry contact points;

The device provides serial data communication interface (RS232, RS485, Ethernet interface) and external device connection;

Through the battery detection device (DJX) device, record more than 500 accident alarm information and waveform;

The device adopts real-time tracking information processing technology to solve the recording and alarm of the communication signal to the dc fault, showing the communication waveform and the time of the tamper;

Real-time full digital bandwidth measurement, full range measurement dc power ripple voltage value, and calculate ripple coefficient value, effectively record the ac content in dc power supply.

Technical parameters:

Dc system voltage grade: 220VDC, 110VDC, 48VDC, 24VDC

Device working voltage: 220VDC/AC plus or minus 10% or 110VDC/AC plus or minus 10%

Relay contact current: DC220/3A

Contact measurement range: 0-100v

Measurement accuracy of bus voltage: 1%

Dc current measurement range: 0-100a, error is less than 5%

Ripple measurement range: 0-100v

Ripple measurement accuracy: less than 1%

Response time: the response time is less than 1S

Record preservation: for 500

Time expression: year, month, day, hour, minute, second
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