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Intelligent battery pack portable charger -CDJ

Intelligent battery pack portable charger -CDJ



The charging mode, voltage and current can be set by the panel key.

High character LCD backlight display, Chinese interface, real-time display charging voltage, current and so on;

Using the autonomous equity-flow technology, multiple devices can be used online to meet the charging requirements of large capacity battery packs.

Has input to owe, overvoltage and output overvoltage, output flow and output short circuit, module moderate protection against lightning, etc, when output overvoltage and troubleshooting, to boot, it will be run again;

The equipment self-check alarm function, when the equipment failure, give the sound light alarm, show the cause of the fault;

The equipment is light and easy to carry, four key operation, easy to use.

Technical parameters:

Input voltage: AC380 + /50HZ

Output voltage: DC50V~275V (customizable)

Output current: 0~300A (customizable)

Maximum output: 15KW

Steady pressure accuracy: less than 1%

Output ripple: less than 1%

Productivity: greater than 90%

Overheating protection value: 85 ° C

Working temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C

Working humidity: no more than 90% anti-frosting

Working time: running continuously

Protection function: short circuit, anti-reverse, overcurrent, overpressure, underpressure

Cooling mode: cold air
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