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Battery monitoring and self-saving device -BSRS

Battery monitoring and self-saving device -BSRS


Product application: the performance diagnosis of dc power supply, UPS/HVDC backup battery group, self-rescue and maintenance?


Real-time monitoring of each battery unit (each battery unit consists of four batteries);

Automatic detection of potential problems in batteries, early warning of battery failure;

The establishment of virtual battery to eliminate the capacity of short board, the battery open circuit, short circuit phenomenon has the self-rescue and the virtual recovery function;

The active equilibrium method was adopted to balance the various battery groups.

It can satisfy the 48V battery pack and compatible with 110V/220V dc system.

According to different power requirements, the self-saving power module can be configured flexibly.

Have GPRS communication function.

Technical parameters:

Voltage detection accuracy: plus or minus 0.2%

Current detection accuracy: plus or minus 1% (current sensor range)

Output power: each self-saving power module 10A (self-saving power module based on customer demand)

Monitor scope: each module supports 24 battery packs (48V), which can be extended

Communication methods: GPRS, RS232, RS485

Dimensions (L * W * H) :395mm x 370mm x 160mm

Installation mode: rack or wall hanging (according to user requirements)

Power input: AC/DC220V plus or minus 15%, DC110V plus or minus 15%, DC48V plus or minus 15%
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