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Wireless battery testing system -WDCX

Wireless battery testing system -WDCX

"Functional characteristics"

Adopt wireless communication technology and CE certification (authentication no. : GLEMO080802506RFV)

Real-time monitoring of battery terminal voltage, single battery voltage, charge and discharge current and temperature, etc.;

Compatible with 2V, 6V and 12V battery;

Up to four battery groups can be measured simultaneously, and the total number of single cells can reach 400 knots.

Have USB, RS232, RS485 and other communication interfaces;

It has the advantages of high detection accuracy, low power consumption, small volume, light weight, easy to use and safe and reliable.

It can overcome the serious defects such as low accuracy, low reliability, complicated operation and easy damage.

The anti-interference ability of the equipment can automatically filter the ripple interference of the UPS power system or the dc power supply.

Perfect computer management analysis, the charging and discharging process display various data and curves in real time, can query the charging and discharging data and curves at any time, and generate the report;

Can develop with the company of intelligent battery load tester or other discharge load, can be used alone, on-line monitoring battery charging process and float charging operation conditions.
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