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Charging machine characteristic tester -CTX

Charging machine characteristic tester -CTX

Product application:

Dc power supply, communication power supply, UPS/HVDC power operation characteristic parameters (stability, steady flow, ripple) detection

"Functional characteristics"

The system consists of three parts: main engine, control box and load box, which can be tested online and offline.

According to the industry standard and national standard, the stability accuracy, steady flow accuracy and ripple coefficient (including ripple peak value coefficient and ripple effective value coefficient) are completed.

The system USES the high performance industrial control machine as the core monitoring unit, which has strong function, stable operation, fast processing speed, and strong anti-interference ability.

Using high speed data acquisition card and the LabVIEW software processing software (virtual instrument), the sampling frequency is as high as 50 MHZ, fully ensure that data collection and analysis of rapidity, accuracy and reliability, to ensure the collected lines peak, fully conforms to the requirement of industry standards and national standards;

The unique patented technology of constant transport, linear load, high constant flow accuracy;

The external magnetic coupling voltage regulator guarantees the true simulation of the input voltage of the grid, and the ac output voltage can be adjusted continuously and automatically.

Software interface: Windows XP operating system, 8.4 -inch color LCD screen, all Chinese graphical operation interface, real-time display various parameters (voltage, current, ripple) wave and numerical, may carry on the set of test parameters, which can realize data analysis, management, report generation, query, output printing, etc.

The system can choose the automatic test or manual test mode, the operation is convenient;

The system connection is simple and easy to operate.
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